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About us

We are a brand developed by dermatologists and we care about you. From our professional and personal experience, we know what a difference the right skin care can do for you and your skin. We as Apeer, want you to feel good about yourself and to help you appear your best all day, every day. We will guide you through care and expertise to help you achieve visibly better skin.

Our mission

It is a simple truth for many of us: How we appear is closely connected to how we feel. Our great experience in skin care has proven to us that being the best version of ourselves starts by gaining confidence in our appearance. We, as Apeer, are all about that. We are dedicated to helping as many as possible, introducing the world to a line of skin care products that are selected from unique active ingredients, developed by leading skin scientists, and based on research and testing.

01. Caring

We care about people, and we have a true passion for helping people achieve the best results. We know it can be confusing and difficult to keep track of all the advice and products in the market, and we do all we can to inform, advise and guide you to a simple and effective skincare routine.

02. Knowledge

Our professional background and in-depth knowledge is the building block of our brand. We build on our knowledge and many years of experience with all kinds of skin problems. We’ve treated almost any skin type and know how to help you with whatever skin you are in.

03. Results

We know that results matter. We want to see and feel a difference with the products we choose which is why we have invested all our experience and expertise in creating an effective skin care brand that helps you achieve the results you aim for.

04. Transparency

We don’t offer products that secretly transform your appearance overnight. We offer openness and information about our research and ingredients. All our certifications are tested and documented. We show real people and use no skin retouching.

We are skin care specialists

We are Danish dermatological specialists with many years of experience helping people look and feel their best. We have created a skin care brand built on deep dermatological knowledge, and we have a clear ambition: We want to make our knowledge and expertise available and help as many people as possible embrace the skin they are in.

Dermatological and cosmetic nurse, Victoria Burles Piihl

Victoria is the Co-founder of Cutis Clinic, which has several treatment facilities in Denmark. Victoria is a trained nurse from Oxford Brookes University in England and holds a Master of Health Science from Deakin University Australia. Victoria has worked in the field of dermatology and cosmetics for over 15 years and helped many thousands of clients achieve better skin.

Victoria and Emil jointly own Cutis Clinic, working with a fusion of techniques and treatments from both the dermatologic and cosmetics world.

“As a clinician there are not enough hours to help everyone, so when the opportunity arrived to develop a skin care brand dedicated to delivering results, guidance, and helping as many as possible with their skin, I knew that Apeer was the way forward.”

Victoria Burles Piihl

Cosmetologist & Co-Founder

Dr. Emil Henningsen

Emil Henningsen has more than 15 years of experience as a doctor and as a dermatologist expert in skin conditions. He is one of Denmark’s leading experts in cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology.

Emil has worked as a dermatologist in Denmark as well as abroad. He has worked in private clinics in London and has close cooperation with some of the leading international dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Australia and the USA. Emil is at the forefront of dermatological research, and he shares his knowledge as a speaker at international conferences regarding dermatological treatments and procedures.

As a specialised dermatologist, Emil has a unique knowledge of skin, and he considers his work a fusion of science and art.

“Skincare is pivotal in caring for your skin as dental care is in caring for your teeth. Therefore, Apeer should not just be viewed as an option, but as a given part of your skincare routine.”

Emil Henningsen

Dermatologist & Co-Founder

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