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Beautiful skin begins with care as is the case for the beauty of our planet. And we care for both.

We strive to do better and make a serious commitment to work with FN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development starting by only using post-consumer recycled plastic packaging, using non or only FSC-certified packaging, and using non or a minimum of plastic foil on products.

Our products are based on dermatological standards and proven results. And we won’t compromise on the effect of our products. But we will make a commitment to transforming our business into benefitting all people, communities, and the planet by constantly looking into how we can improve our products, production, and impact on the planet. As of now, we have made the below mentioned first steps towards being a more responsible brand. You can’t be good at everything, but you can try. And we try.

01. Production

All of our skincare products are developed in Denmark and produced in Europe. We have a very close cooperation with our supplier to ensure our demands for ethical and environmental production are meet.

02. Product packaging

We only use post-consumer recycled plastic packaging for our products. Also, glass packaging is used as an alternative to plastic. We wish to contribute to a circular way of thinking by using post-consumer recycled packaging for our products while also encouraging you to reuse packaging before recycling.

03. Transportation

As all products are produced within the EU, our valuable gods are transported to our warehouse by road transportation. We strive to find a more sustainable solution to better the environmental impact that transportation of our products has on the planet.

04. Warehouse

At our warehouse, we only use FSC-certified packaging and reusable filling material. As end-consumers we always advise you to reuse or recycle the packaging you receive your products in. Preferably remember to reuse before recycling.

Sustainable Development Goals

The above mentioned four focus areas primarily support the 12th goal of ensuring Responsible Consumption and Production, which as a newly founded company is our most important goal to live up to. Other goals we already work on and aspire to work even more on succeeding with are the following:

Goal No. 03

Goal No. 03 regarding Good Health and Well-being by promising to not expose the users of our product to harmful chemicals.  All our products are dermatologically tested, some of them are clinically certified, some hold an allergy certification, some have a vegan friendly certification, and some are without perfume. We are dedicated to make this information easy to access, so you don’t apply anything to your skin, you’re not comfortable with. All this information is found atthe back of our products at the ingredient list. At the list you will find that none of our products contain silicone. We don’t use silicone in our products due to our experiences with silicone leading to clogged pores as silicone-products are very hard to rinse off the skin. It is not harmful to use silicone in skincare, but we have chosen not to. Despite silicone not being harmful for the skin, it is harmful for the planet as it degrades very slowly in the environment. Therefore, we also claim that we are silicone free.

Goal No. 12

The above mentioned four focus areas about how we care primarily support the 12th goal of ensuring Responsible Consumption and Production. As a newly founded company this is one of our most important goals to live up to because we enter a market and a world filled with production and consumption whereas we do not wish to support overconsumption. Our goal with our skincare is to curb overspending by producing products that actively work against skin concerns enabling people to buy products that are dermatologically tested with proven results. First and foremost, we are a skincare brand, but we are also a brand that is aware of the world in which we exist. Therefore, we are dedicated to make ethical and responsible choices about our production supporting a more responsible consumption.

Goal No. 14

Goal No. 14 regarding Life Below Water is a large focus point for our business. We focus on not worsening the biodiversity in the ocean by negatively affecting the marine ecosystem. We do so by using PCR-plastic and not contributing to the plastic pollution in the ocean. Also, we do not support overfishing and use an ingredient named Squalane that’s a plant version of Squalene. We use this version for two main reasons; the ingredient is not derived from shark liver, and it is a much more stable ingredient when it is hydrogenated.