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Plumping Serum

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Our Plumping Serum smooths and plumps fine lines and wrinkles due to a blend of active ingredients reducing the most obvious signs of ageing.

The Plumping Serum consists of carefully selected ingredients, based on effective results and dermatological testing. Retinyl Palmitate, which is a vitamin A, hinders collagen breakdown and stimulates new collagen to prevent visible signs of ageing. This Vitamin A is also suitable for sensitive skin. A blend of vitamins B3, C, and E prevents premature ageing and protects the skin from free radicals and pollution whereas vitamin C also promotes cell metabolism and regeneration. Hyaluronic Acid acts as a humectant preserving the elasticity and firmness of your skin while also improving skin hydration.

Your skin will look plumped and refreshed – And you can feel comfortable ageing.

Build your skin tolerance by using the product 2-3 times a week and then gradually increase frequency to daily use.



Vitamin A

Fine lines

Vitamin C

Premature ageing



Plumping Serum
Plumping Serum Sale price£59.00

Product Information

How to use?

Apply a few drops on clean skin before your moisturiser. Massage into the face, neck, and chest using circular motions.
Please develop a familiarity with the product before using it regularly.

When to apply?

Morning and evening

Product texture

Lightweight gel

Suited for

Dry skin

Aged skin